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Always has the brand in mind.

Open communication channels with all stakeholders during a ‘Change Management’ project are tantamount. MMG collaborative approach is very helpful under these circumstances.

MMG’s direct contacts are the best in the business. Our contacts are professional, business-oriented and prepared to manage complexities typical of relationships such as the one "company x" has with its suppliers.

MMG among the most professional groups I have worked with.

I think MMG manages the changing needs well. They are very fair in their approach to suppliers. We do not always get everything we want, but they are clear in their explanations as to why things are done a certain way.

I would give them an A rating as I feel they are all highly respected, professional, pleasant and helpful. It is a pleasure working with each and every one of them.

MMG people tend to be very demanding, as a good buyers should be; however they are also honest and reasonable.

The biggest benefit to working through McClement is accessibility. The employees are much more available than employees in 'customer x' supply chain management group. The McClement employees are pleasant to work with and helpful.

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